Matthew Zaremba


Matthew Zaremba is an artist and writer based in Boston, Ma.


His work has been featured through many media outlets anywhere from Rolling Stone to The Huffington Post. He frequently showcases his work at art exhibits in Boston and you may have even see his work in restaurants and stores. Though his art and writing may seem simplistic, it always compels emotion.

We were able to chat with Matthew about what his artwork and writing represent and where the influence comes from.


What were you doing before you started creating art?

I’m a Marketing Director so art isn’t my livelihood, but I’ve always been fortunate enough to work for companies and industries where I can apply my creative direction and aesthetic. Before the illustrations, I created more mixed-media work and music.

How would you describe your style?

Minimalist. Conceptual. Emotive.


Where does the inspiration come from for most of your work?

Every illustration is based on real conversations, thoughts, or events in my life. There are recurring themes of love, loss, and the human condition… It’s all just my way of documenting and analyzing the internal monologue in order to find some clarity.

What are you currently working on?

I do exhibit a few times per year. I’ve got some loose plans to work on a book of illustrations and poems so hopefully I’ll have that completed this year. It’ll be a busy one, we’ve got a baby boy on the way!

Were there moments of failure while getting to this point in your career? 

I think I’m doing well in terms of creating honest work, because I know the substance of each piece I create. That’s the only measure of success I even consider when it comes to art. I’d rather be known for doing pretty well as a human being.

Do you have any favorite pieces that you have done?

They all mean something important to me, whether it’s an illustration based on a conversation with my wife, a memory of my father, or a thought about the way we interact with one another through technology. I think the “I Miss You and There’s No App For That” piece was basically the beginning of this style and journey so it will alway be an important one to me.

What are some dreams or future goals?

I’ve had some great opportunities to exhibit across the US and connect with amazing people. I’d love to exhibit in Europe, continue to travel, and most importantly raise my son to be a thoughtful, compassionate, and open-minded person. If there’s one thing that can shape the world more than art and innovation, it’s our future generations. There’s nothing more urgent than positive change, globally.


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