La Andrea by Café Integral



Café Integral is a small coffee roaster who frequently feature new bags. Each bag  is as unique and individual as the other and is always having you check up on the next roasts of these truly exotic nicaraguan grown coffee beans.

Once opened, the aroma of La Andrea takes over the whole room with it's earthy-smooth tones that are only further enhanced once the brewing process begins. Drop by drop the sweet honey in the hot mix is blended with a juicy tropical smell to create a soothing tone in the air that can ease stress from a long day. 




Passion Fruit

A powerful tang.

Roasted Almonds

A strong earthy scent.


A sweet lingering taste



Origin: Finca La Andrea, Mozonte, Nueva Segovia, Nicaragua

Altitude: 1,400-1,550 masl

Varietals: Maracaturra

Process: Washed -  dried on raised beds


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