Azores in Film


Road in Santa Cruz leading to the water.


Up ahead is a small ice cream shop on the way to a port.

Town worker spraying weed killer at a round about.


Cemitério de Santa Cruz das Flores (the Cemetery of Santa Cruz of Flores) is where they hold mass before a burial.


Residental area near the As Piscinas Naturais (natural pools).

Port district in Santa Cruz.


Off the coast of Flores.


Side of a mountain with the island of Corvo faintly in the back (right).


Rocha dos Bordões (The Rock Of Sticks)


From the road leading to the beach on Corvo.


On the coast of Corvo, looking at Flores.


On the beach of Corvo as two people enjoy the water.


Fajã Grande (Big Flat Valley) is the western-most town owned by Europe. The slightly lighter strip of green on the mountain in the back is where a land slide occurred, destroying the entire town and leaving only the white church standing  -which still stands to this day.

Ponta da Fajã (the point of the flattest valley) To the bottom right is the house of the President of the Azores.


Large walled off house in Corvo.


The Goats in Corvo can be legally domesticated - if you can catch one.


The only road that leads into the mountains to get to the lagoons trails.


A high point in the Mountains of Flores.

Scenic spot up in the Mountains on the way to the Lagoons.


Overlooking farmland from the clouds.


Two of the Six natural lagoons that have formed on the island.


A closer shot on the lower of the two lagoons.


Acuada (No real translation) is a small old town with no real electricity or running water.



Domesticated cows in Acuada.


words and pictures provided by Nathan SantoCristo